About us

PUCON.CL, was established to facilitate, strengthen and commercialize the Hotel distribution processes of the small and medium Entrepreneurs of Tourism, using the internet as a tool of production and diffusion.

"Our commercial alliance with HONSA, Hotelera Nacional will allow us easier access to markets of Latin American due to the presence they have with their content portals and travel themes."

"It is important to highlight the experience and results of PUCON.CL. The hotels and tourist developments that use our services in PUCON.CL save up to 30% per year in both Marketing and Operation."

Oriented to commercialize under concepts of B2B and B2P, PUCON.CL generates traffic and online visits promoting and orientated the purchase of tourism services also delivering the option of PURCHASE ONLINE, these qualities make PUCON.CL a modern BOOKING CHANNEL.

"PUCON.CL has more than 15 years in the promotion of tourism in South America, 50,000 IPs per day of visits, more than 200,000 PV, and today we cover markets as big as Brazil with our associated networks such as, Uol.cl, Oglobo.cl, and etc.

"Our mission is to generate SALES OF HOTEL SERVICES generating quality traffic to customers of PUCON.CL and assist in the entire process of hotel promotion, distribution and marketing."