Reservations Policy

Check in and check out policies

Hotel and Cabin Check-in: 15:00 - Check-out: 12:00

Condominium Check-in: 17:00 - Check-out: 12:00

Policies for early check in and late check out

It has been established that the check in time is at 15:00 and the check out at 12:00 hrs. If there happens to be a an early check-in at a hotel before 11:00, especially during high occupancy dates (high season), will have have an additional charge for one extra night, considering the full rate agreed upon reservation.

Every late check-out of after 14:00, will have an additional cost of one extra night.

Policies for making room reservations

See availability on website, availability is given according to the data entered in the search engines.

You can make your booking payment at the destination of your accommodation or via the options found on our web page.

Policy Tax Franchise Law for Foreigners

Article 12, letter E., No. 17, of the decree LAW NO. 825 of 1974, determines that they are exempt from I.V.A. The revenues in foreign currency received by Hotel companies registered with the Internal Revenue Service, in the case of services rendered to foreign tourists without domicile or residence in Chile, presenting the necessary documentation that proves it, ie a foreign customer must be accredited as such by submitting Thier Passport and Migrant Visa less than 6 months, according to the date of the stamp.

Policy Tobacco Law (Law No. 20,660)

The law prohibits smoking in closed places accessible to the public or for commercial use. For this purpose, a closed space is any that is covered by a roof attached to one or more walls (regardless of the material used, the existence of doors or windows and whether the structure is permanent or temporary). Smoking is also not allowed on terraces that are not outdoors or have a roof attached to a wall.

Cancellation Policies

Once the reservation is confirmed, individual cancellations can be made 48 and 72 hours prior to booking date in advance for low and high respectively.

In case of cancellations after the deadline established here, PUCON.COM may charge the first night accommodation according to the rate given + VAT to the credit card provided as guarantee of the reservation.

In case of business reservation cancellations or reservations made through an intermediary, the reservations policy will issued as agreed upon booking or in the corporate agreement.

The No Show charge is made with the agreed rate + VAT.

Children's Policies

Children of up to 8 years old is free of charge in accommodation services, and is considered as an extra in Food and Beverages.

To avoid inconveniences before arrival, an additional bed for a child must be requested before arrival of passengers.

Pet Policy

Assistance dogs are accepted, we must be notified, to notify the property respectively.

No pets other than Attendance Pets are accepted, unless written otherwise in hotel description/hotel amenities.